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Celebrating 25 years of their Chapter three of the founders of Silk Chapter 1093 were in attendance at Macclesfield Masonic Hall on 20th October 2021 with members of the Chapter, including the Inspector General for East Cheshire and visitors from around the District supported by the District Recorder.

There was much laughter, reminiscing and good conversation at a wonderful social board following the meeting. Every member and visitor was presented with an embroidered napkin and firing glass as a memento with a beautifully produced history booklet.

In 1945 The Supreme Council granted a warrant for a new Rose Croix Chapter in Macclesfield; Macclesfield Chapter No. 354 which grew rapidly as the only Chapter in a large catchment area. De Tabley Chapter No. 508 consecrated in Knutsford in 1957 also grew quickley and by 1973 restricted its membership to one Perfection a year.

As a consequence demand for membership of Macclesfield Chapter grew to such an extent it became desirable to form a daughter Chapter, hence Silk Chapter No. 1093 was conceived and consecrated in 1996.

Named after Macclesfield's long association with the traditions of the silk industry, the Chapter meets at Macclesfield Masonic Hall and together with Macclesfield Chapter carries on the Antient & Accepted Rite in this part of Cheshire.

Congratulations to all involved in the 25th anniversary celebrations and here’s to the next 25 years…

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The travelling Toby Jug in the District must have been thinking he had become marooned at Branxholm Chapter having resided there since November 2019 with no opportunity to be liberated as a result of lockdown.

Mind you, with Branxholm Chapter having moved from Altrincham Masonic Hall when it closed to make way for the new hall to be built and relocating to Sale Masonic Hall before that too closed the whereabouts of the Toby Jug have only recently become known when Branxholm Chapter were spotted at Stockport Masonic Guildhall.

Seizing their chance members of Silk Chapter Rose Croix formed a raiding party and successfully claimed him to be taken back to Macclesfield at the social board following a very successful meeting during which Branxholm Chapter Perfected a new member.

Drawing on the friendliness and co-operation between the Chapters in the District the equipment and furniture was provided by Cheshire St. Thomas Chapter who also assisted with the ceremony together with Princes from Vivat Chapter.

Seen here claiming the Toby Jug from Illustrious Brother David Banks 30th Degree Elect; the Most Wise Sovereign of Branxholm Chapter is the Recorder of Silk Chapter; Illustrious Brother Iain Lochrie as Recorder of Silk Chapter.

This of course means that the Toby Jug is now up for grabs and can be raided from Silk Chapter by any of the other Chapters in the District of East Cheshire. To learn more see here.

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When the Chapters Rose Croix in the District of East Cheshire realised their Inspector General and his wife Susan were celebrating their golden wedding anniversary in October 2021 the occasion could not pass unremarked.

A magnificent Waterford crystal rose bowl was presented to Very Illustrious Brother Nigel Cooper 33rd Degree together with a bouquet of roses, not only as a memento of 50 years of marriage but in recognition of the affection and esteem with which Nigel is held in the District.

Nigel's enthusiasm for and dedication to the Ancient & Accepted Rite cannot be in any doubt to anyone who meets him. He is a Rose Croix Mason at heart and will happily tell you he was Perfected in a Rose Croix Chapter almost immediately he was eligible and a month before being Exhalted in a Royal Arch Chapter.

The presentation took place at the social board following a meeting of Branxholm Chapter Rose Croix at Stockport Masonic Guildhall at which a new Prince was Perfected in to the Ancient & Accepted Rite.

Thinking he was responding to his toast and commenting on the ceremony the Inspector General was however ambushed by members of the District with the gift and for once, temporarily lost for words. Regaining his composure he gave a heatfelt and gracious acceptance.

The Princes of every Chapter in the District of East Cheshire contributed towards the gifts and wished their Inspector General and Susan every happiness together.

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