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To join the Rose Croix you must have been a Master Mason for a full 12 months and have received the three Craft degrees in a Lodge under the jurisdiction of the United Grand Lodge of England.


A clearance certificate will be required from your Lodge. Membership of any Masonic Order other than the Craft is not necessary. 


The Ancient & Accepted Rite is a Christian Order drawing heavily on the principles of Christianity and therefore a candidate must profess the Trinitarian Christian Faith and will be required to sign a declaration to that effect.

The best way to find out more is to contact the District Recorder direct for an initial discussion and an invitation to a Rose Table Evening hosted by a Chapter in the District. Alternatively complete the form below and we will get back to you.

We also welcome enquiries from unattached Rose Croix Masons and members of other Districts moving to East Cheshire.

Not already a Freemason? 


Rose Table Events 2022/23 Season

To introduce prospective members to our Order we hold "Rose Table Evenings". 

These are hosted by a Chapter on a regular meeting night and after the Chapter is closed non-Rose Croix Masons are invited in to the Chapter Room for a presentation and to the social board afterwards.

19 October 2022 - Silk and Macclesfield Chapters

28 November 2022 - Sandbach Chapter 

7 December 2022 - Crewe and Good Shepherd Chapters 
10 January 2023 - Branxholm Chapter
13 January 2023 - De Tabley Chapter 

23 January 2023 - Stockport and Cheshire St. Thomas Chapters
30 March 2023 - Staveleigh Chapter


Ready to begin the next adventure?

"Since joining the Rose Croix I've not looked back. The ceremony of Perfection was both breathtaking and thought provoking and everyone was so welcoming and friendly".

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Welcome to the
East Cheshire Rose Table

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