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Travelling Toby Jug

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The District has a Travelling Toby Jug proudly wearing his 18th Degree Rose Croix Regalia.


There are conflicting opinions as to who he was modelled on and the Inspector General has his own theory.

The Toby Jug travels around the District of East Cheshire by being "held" by a Chapter until another Chapter sends a "raiding party" of five members, at least one of whom must be an 18th Degree Prince to capture him.

The raiding party must announce their intention at the social board and declare that they will look after the Toby Jug until he is captured again from them.

By a mysterious process, the workings of which are lost, the Inspector General or District Recorder usually attend meetings when the Toby Jug is captured to try and ensure fair play but have little or no control over what goes on.


If your Chapter wants to capture the Toby Jug just let the District Recorder know.


The Toby Jug is currently living with Stockport Chapter at Stockport Guildhall after he was seized from Crewe Chapter in Willaston on 1 March 2023.

To date Toby has been to:

  • 2018 Good Shepherd Chapter, Vivat Chapter and Sandbach Chapter

  • 2019 Branxholm Chapter

  • 2021 Silk Chapter

  • 2022 Crewe Chapter

  • 2023 Stockport Chapter

Which Chapter will be next and organise a raiding party to go to Stockport to seize him?

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