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The District Travelling Toby jug found himself on the move again when five members of Crewe Chapter 250 raided Silk Chapter 1097 at Macclesfield on Wednesday 20th April 2022.

Following the delivery of an excellent lecture on the 18th Degree by the Inspector General in the meeting the members of Crewe Chapter pounced during the social board.

Illustrious Brother David Truman from Crewe Chapter reminded the assembled Brethren that the "Masonic" Toby Jug originated in Staffordshire from the pot banks of Stoke-On-Trent and was donated to the Inspector General by Crewe Chapter in 2018 which has a significant number of Staffordshire masons amongst its members. Whilst Masonic Toby jugs were made to raise funds for the Staffordshire Festival in Craft and Royal Arch guise only a very few were made wearing Rose Croix regalia.

David went on to give a fascinating insight into the china industry as it is today in the Potteries and his own experiences working in the industry as an analytical chemist in colours and dyes.

David concluded by presenting a miniature replica Toby Jug to Silk Chapter as a perpetual memorial of their loss of the real Toby!

Pictured above is Illustrious Brother David Truman receiving the Toby Jug on behalf of Crewe Chapter from Illustrious Brother Bill Hinchcliffe; Sovereign of Silk Chapter with Inspector General for East Cheshire; Nigel Cooper and Silk Chapter Director of Ceremonies Rob Ashley (foreground) keeping order.

Now residing with Crewe Chapter in Willaston which will be the next Chapter to form a raiding party and take him on his travels again?

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As a prelude to Easter week the District of East Cheshire held its Annual General Meeting at Willaston Masonic Hall on Saturday 9th April, the day before Palm Sunday.

The meeting, hosted by Toft Chapter 897 as the Past Sovereigns' Chapter was well attended with three visting Inspectors General and five District Recorders together with fifty four Brethren.

Following an upbeat address from the Inspector General setting out his agenda and the host of forthcoming events in the District the Chapter was closed and the inaugural Rose Table Presentation delivered to seven prospective candiates to the Ancent & Accepted Rite.

They witnessed an enlightening and entertaining presentation with questions and answers delivered by the District Recorder and two members of the Demonstration Team.

The prospective candidates joined the members of the Order at a convivial drinks reception and lunch forming a fitting preface to the celebration of Easter.

The Annual General Meeting for 2023 is scheduled to take place at Hyde Masonic Hall on Saturday 1st April 2023.

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The inaugural "Rose Table" event is being held in the District as part of the Annual General Meeting on 9 April.

Held under the Warrant of Toft Chapter 897 the AGM will be immediately followed by the Rose Table presentation aimed at helping Brethren interested in becoming Rose Croix Masons.

Potential Candidates and Candidates in Waiting from all around the Distirct of Eact Cheshire have been specially invited to attend and will wtiness the first presentation which will be taken around the District next season.

Seen as an aide to recruitment and a valuable asset to assist Chapters with promoting membership of this fascinating and worthwhile Masonic Order the Rose Table Presentation has been deisgned to be informative and entertaining.

The Ancient & Accepted Rite" as its known in this country and often the Scottish Rite abroad is the biggest Order in Freemasonry after the Craft but one of the less well know. District Recorder ofr East Cheshire; Richard Antipas is determined to take the message to the Brethren of Cheshire.

"Less than 5% of the Craft Masons in the Province of Cheshire are members of Rose Croix Chapters in East Cheshire" he said.

Adding; "Historically the Rose Croix has been seen as highly selective but this is not the case, every Master Mason of 12 months standing professing a belief in the Trinitarian Christian FAith is eligble for membership".

Bookings are being taken for the Rose Table event on 9 April 2022 until Sunday 3 April.

Click Here to book.

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