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Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Whilst all activity in the Ancient & Accepted Rite has been suspended by The Supreme Council in response to the Corona Virus pandemic until the beginning of 2021 at the earliest, Chapters Rose Croix have been given special powers to transact administrative business online.

A number of Chapters in East Cheshire have taken full advantage and organised successful meetings on Zoom.

The District is happy to help Chapters who are unfamiliar with the technology or sceptical of it and have members who will assist any Chapter to get Zooming.

Those Chapters which have tried it have found it to be a rewarding environment to keep in touch as well as get some business done.

When organising a Chapter Zoom meeting it is useful to have an agenda to structure the discussion but often the chatter leads in all different, interesting and often amusing directions. The best Zoom meetings happen when the chatter flows naturally and the friendship of the members shines through.

It is worth reflecting on how technology can help us overcome adversitiy caused by lockdown and keep the bonds of friendship that Freemasonry creates alive. We will return to normality at some point but in the meantime we shoudl embrace ways of keeping the spirit of what we do going, fortunate that we live in an age that makes it possible.

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My name is Richard Antipas and I was appointed as District Recorder on 5 July 2020 succeeding Simon Hay who has taken up a leadership role in the Royal Arch in Cheshire after five years supporting our Inspector General.

Having led the District Demonstration Team for two years I am already quite well known around the District.

I was perfected in to The Ancient & Accepted Rite in Vivat Chapter Rose Croix in Middlewich in 2002 and received my 30th Degree in 2012. My initiation in to Freemasonry was in 1996 and I am a member of Craft Lodges in Knutsford, Sale and Christleton, a Royal Arch Chapter in Middlewich and Mark and Royal Ark Mariner Lodges in Sale. I hold Provincial Grand Rank in both the Craft, having been a Provincial Steward in 2004, and Royal Arch and am a Past Master in the Mark Degree looking forward to going in to the Chair in The Royal Ark Mariners soon.

Becoming District Recorder in the middle of lockdown and during a complete suspension of activity in the Ancient & Accepted Rite due to Covid-19 is a unique experience and unfortunately I will not immediately get the chance to visit Chapters Rose Croix in the District and meet the members in the normal way but I am really looking forward to hitting the ground running when we do resume our meetings.

In the meantime I have been very busy together with our Inspector General supporting Chapter Zoom meetings, launching our new website and Facebook page and working on various initiatives. Our Inspetcor General is extremely keen that we focus on recruitment to this wonderful Order and I will support his ambition by ensuring that Chapters in the District have the resources they need.

We are designing a high quality presentation to be given by a handpicked team in Chapters as a "Rose Table Evening" to which non-Rose Croix masons will be invited. This will be supported by high quality online materials such as an explanatory e-brochure.

I also want to promote membership of our Past Sovereigns' Chapter which has languished in recent years and for every past Sovereign to aspire to membership of this Chapter in the District.

As District Recorder I want to encourage every member in the District to play his part in promoting, supporting and enjoying this Order. There are very many eligible Masons who have not yet joined us and who are missing out on the unique and rewarding aspects of this wonderful series of degrees.

My aim is to perform my duties in supporting our Inspector General to the very best of my ability, first and foremost concentrating on the happiness and fulfilment of our members as a happy and united District.

Whether you already belong to a Chapter Rose Croix in East Cheshire or not please get in touch with me to discuss how we can improve and develop Rose Croix masonry in East Cheshire together.

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