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Welcome to the
East Cheshire Rose Table

Rose Table evenings are a vital recruitment resource for Chapters in the District of East Cheshire.

Rose Table Events are a great way to recruit, fill your meeting calendar and strengthen your Chapter.


  1. Book the District Demonstration Team to carry out the Rose Table presentation.
  2. ​Invite at Non-Rose Croix Masons to attend the meeting and dine as your guests.

Contact the District Recorder or Demonstration Team Leader.

What Is a Rose Table Evening?

Launched at the District Annual General Meeting at Willaston on 9 April 2022 the inaugural Rose Table Presentation took place watched by representatives from every Chapter in the District and attended by eight Candidates in Waiting and Prospective Candidates.

A Rose Table Evening is an event hosted by your Chapter and supported by a District Presentation Team.

Your Chapter will open as normal and transact the minimum amount of business before conducting the Third Point and Closing. Your Chapter will invite as many Master Masons as possible who will be admitted to the Chapter Room and receive an interesting and enjoyable presentation delivered by the District Presentation Team.

The Presentation begins with the Master Masons being led into the Chapter Room by the Marshal and Raphael of your Chapter with swords at the carry to Handel's Messiah Part 2 "He Was Despised".

With the room lights dimmed and atmospheric red lighting illuminating the three presenters an engaging presentation is accompanied by thought provoking images on a large screen lasting 20 minutes and concluding with a 10 minute question and answer session.

Each invited Master Mason will join the Chapter members at the social board and be seated with a Chapter Member acting as sponsor at the social board to answer questions and lead him on a journey to membership and beyond.

After the Rose Table Presentsation and Social Board each Master Mason is sent an email from the District Recorder incuding a link to an e-brochure. This e-brochure contains a peronsal message from the Inspector General as well as useful information.

Have a sneak peek here... 

Your District supporting your Chapter to achieve success.

Did you know..?

Rose Table Presentations can also be conducted in Royal Arch Chapters. Ask your Royal Arch Chapter to arrange one.


A Rose Table Evening evening can not only motivate new candidates but be a springboard to reinvigorate your members.

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