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Demonstration Team


Formed in 2017 and led by John Brown the District Demonstration Team roams the District of East Cheshire visiting Chapters Rose Croix by invitation to exemplify and elucidate the 18th Degree Rose Croix Ritual.

There are three formats the team perform:

  • The 18th Degree Ceremony of Perfection (in full or in part)

  • The 18th Degree Ceremony in full with accompanying explanation

  • A six part lecture on the symbolism of the 18th Degree Ceremony of Perfection.

The Demonstration Team Leader will liaise with the Chapter Recorder and Director of Ceremonies to organise the event.

Demonstration Team visits are an ideal opportunity for Chapter Sovereigns to complete the parts of the ceremonial to be consider for election to the 30th Degree.

Members of the host Chapter are encouraged to assist the Team by taking certain parts which will be discussed by the Team Leader.


The Demonstration Team also assists with the District Annual General Meeting and Rose Table Evenings throughout the District.

If you would like the Demonstration Team to visit your Chapter or you would be interested in joining the Team please get in touch.



The Team aims to:

Encourage a high standard of Rose Croix ritual in East Cheshire​.


Promote intervisiting between Chapters.


Provide interest and content for meetings to improve attendance.

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