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2022/23 Season Preview

The new season launches on 7 September 2022 with the Enthronement meeting of Toft Chapter to be held at Stockport Masonic Guildhall.  After a change of by-laws Toft Chapter is now established as the Past Sovereigns' Chapter for the District of East Cheshire and will be peripatetic. It will also continue to host the District AGM which this year is be held on 1 April 2023 at Hyde.

Every Past Sovereign in the District is eligible for membership of Toft Chapter and a key objective this season is to swell the membership of the Chapter.  If you are a Past Sovereign and not already a member just email the District Recorder who is also Recorder of Toft Chapter.

There are already 4 Perfections lined up for September with more in the pipeline. And with 7 Rose Table Events already in the diary between October and March this season should see real growth.

The District Demonstration Team has been strengthened with the addtion of John Brown as Deputy Team Leader supporting Roger Currie.  The Demo Team will be seen out and about this season adding support and content to meetings around the District.  The first outing will be to conduct a Perfection Ceremony in Cheshire St. Thomas Chapter at Stockport on 12 September.

The Inspector General and District Recorder will also be out and about attending Enthronements and Perfections in all 11 working Chapters around the District.  The travelling Toby Jug will no doubt be moving on from Crewe Chapter and who knows where he will end up this season.


October sees 4 members of the District receiving their 31st Degrees at Duke Street and 1 member being promoted to the 30th Degree on the same day. Nine members are travelling down on the 17th for what promises to be a great day out.

We are looking foward to seeing you all enjoying your Rose Croix masonry this season.


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